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This signature workshop teaches Correct Trend analysis that is built on the foundational work of the Dow Theory model that determines price discounts everything. Based in 2 confirming time frames leads to the Individual analysis of Stocks, Futures markets and currencies.
Learn to Identify the underlying trend and make observations and decisions about strength of trend including the beginning and potential end of a trend. Remember. Price discounts everything.
Price movements are not totally random.
What is more important than why.


Markets do not always trend. A very strong emphasis is placed on price forming into patterns, a critical area of Technical Analysis in all markets. The participating student will learn and understand how to apply consistent analysis in 3 times frames. To understand this allows the participant to build a solid trading method and develop a strong trading plan based on his or her risk profile.



In this learning environment you will be working on practical applications on the correct methods for technical charting. Workshop situation where questions get answered and resolved in the moment, no one gets left behind. Hands on Education working on real situations that will seamlessly transfer into the individuals home or office environment. Learning to make decisions with a strong foundational base that has stood the test of time. The Australian School of Technical Analysis maintains an open follow up process.


This specialist workshop incorporates the foundational base of our signature workshop in Technical Analysis and adds in the Japanese methodology of Candlesticks. The original work of Seiki Shimizu is defined in this workshop. While there is a great deal of information on Candlestick methodology’s available, this outstanding work has stood the test of time and personal implementation by the presenter. Working in 2 time frames the simple and powerful Technical observations are reinforced to the trader.