The Australian School of Technical Analysis is driven by the desire to see traders succeed. A business development portal for the self directed trader and Investor. From beginner to experienced.
When inquiring about trading education always ask to see the presenters equity curve.
I will show you my $ equity curve from trading.
( how much money they make from trading )
The Australian School of Technical Analysis is an independent education organization committed to providing professional, provable and concise education to the self directed private and professional market traders without hype or up-sell.
Workshops and online classes are conducted on your terms via an online delivery using Team viewer, one on one. Email now for further details. Contact Gary Burton

We believe a solid foundation in Technical Analysis provides the market trader and investor with the tools and confidence to build solid trading plan.

We stand as an independent organization with no ties to brokers or data suppliers. The Australian School of Technical Analysis conduct practical hands on Stock Market Education in the correct application of Technical Analysis for the financial markets. We guide and instruct the participant in charting and analysis techniques for building a trading plan suited to the Individuals requirements. Technical analysis is not a difficult concept to learn, however many self-directed traders and Investors simply go down the wrong road in the early stages of education and pay the price in lost opportunities and widely varying results.

Technical Analysis does not require proprietary software or the use of “special indicators”. In fact the best Technical Analysis is applied without reference to other tools.

The application of Technical Analysis using the “Dow Theory” model has been proven over many decades to be most constant and stable methodology of price analysis. Identifiable bull markets and bear markets are confirmed over the Industrials and Transports Index.

The market trader or investor is able to observe with high probability that chart patterns can confirm if the trading instrument or Index is in a bullish or bearish trend, or if in fact no trend is in place.

The Australian School of Technical Analysis will guide and instruct the student in the application of Technical Analysis, showing the professional markets methods of working with price trends and how support and resistance are identified.

Students learn and practise the concepts in a class scenario, working on individual examples while developing analysis skills that will seamlessly transfer into the individuals home or office environment

Starting with Trend Analysis in time frames, chart patterns, support and resistance, price projection. How to correctly use indicators like RSI, MACD and Ichimoku Cloud.

In addition to providing education through webinars, the School provides face to face education in a class room scenario as it recognizes that method is the most powerful way a student can learn. The interaction between student and instructor provides a far more powerful dimension in the learning process.


Gary Burton


Completed study with FINSIA in 2003. On completion of this work accreditation from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) was obtained.
Followed by RG146 compliance with ASIC.
Conducted 2 day workshops on Technical Analysis around Australia for 4 years,
At the invitation of Alpine Asset Management in late 2007, obtaining ADA 1&2 compliance in Securities and Derivatives.
Macquarie Bank as a Private client advisor in June 2008. I remained with Macquarie for 2 years, Followed by RBS Morgans and Wilson HTM. Past associations include National Vice president of the Australian Technical analysts association, past president of the Sydney ATAA.
Writing the Technical Analysis segment for Marcus Padley 2006 – 2008.
Original guest on Your money Your Call 2007 to today.
Constantly quoted in Financial publications including the US based Stocks and Commodities magazine.
Member of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association.
ADA 1 and ADA 2 compliance in derivatives.


On my recent search for education in technical analysis, I found a divergent field of ‘’experts’’. I was unattracted to the marketing techniques of many of them which included busy, never ending websites, free material as a marketing hook and virtual shops offering everything under the sun. A couple of the expert’s websites offered to take my contact details for a course to be run in the following year. I found all of this very unattractive.
I can’t recall how I found Gary Burton and The Australian School of Technical Analysis. I know it took some searching, probably because Gary doesn’t advertise. That may start to tell you something about the man. I sent off an email enquiry on the contact page, and to my surprise, I received a return call from Gary Burton within a couple of hours. Whilst it was business hours, Gary spoke to me for some time, and tried to politely hose down my enthusiasm. Later that day, I received from Gary, the first of many exercises for me to complete and start learning some of the basics of technical analysis (which incidentally wasn’t taught in other extensive training I have since completed).
After struggling with one aspect, Gary freely gave up an hour of one evening to provide some one on one training to me via Team Viewer. This says a lot about his character, professionalism and generosity.
I was very keen to attend a training seminar, as I knew from other education that there was no substitute for that as a learning environment. Notwithstanding that I had recently completed a 12- week on-line course with another leading Australian trader, I gave up a day’s work and flew from Queensland to Melbourne to attend Gary’s one day course. My preliminary view of the high value of this course proved to be correct; it is one of the best investments I have made in my technical analysis education to date.
Gary is the only professional I have encountered who offers up, without request, his equity curve. A search on Google will reveal that he has had a very senior career in the financial industry and technical analysis, which he continues today. He truly has the runs on the board.
As to the day’s training itself, I arrived with a sound grasp of the basics, but lacking confidence to start trading. The day was packed with information, including some significant information that was not taught in the other course I had undertaken. I finished the day, with my knowledge having been taken up many notches, and with confidence to start trading.
I cannot finish this review without commenting on Gary Burton. Apart from being a leading expert in the field, I found him to be a consummate professional and excellent teacher. I suspect the driving force behind what he does is the joy of education. He is also very generous, a rare quality.
I commend Gary’s course to anyone who is the early stages of their technical analysis education or wants to do a refresher. As a lot of material is covered in the day, I think it would be useful for beginners to have read a book in the field before attending.

Michelle, Noosa
April 2017

I was looking for help with my efforts to gain a better knowledge of the financial markets. This was a very necessary step as my investments were drifting sideways & losing ground fairly fast.
My focus was therefore to gain a much better “skill set” & basic knowledge of the markets. I chose to begin my journey by understanding & learning about Technical Analysis, specifically “Candlestick Chart Pattern Analysis”.
The problem inherent in this approach is the lack of quality organisations that offer Technical Analysis Training. There are many purporting to do this, but what I found after extensive research is that many offer some form of training, including Trading, but to access the training you must “sign up” for a broker sponsored deal, some incredible software they espouse, some even kindly offered to look after my dollars & arrange the investments themselves, none of this met my expectations of Technical Analysis nor did it meet “Professional Training”.

I first “stumbled” across The Australian School of Technical Analysis through an article in the magazine “Your Trading Edge” (YTE) via the Commodities Corner edited by Gary Burton. I was impressed with the manner & scope of the article and hence decided to research G. Burton & The Australian School of Technical Analysis. In my first email contact I challenged Gary about all things Technical that I thought I knew & why I should commence my training with The Australian School of Technical Analysis.
I very quickly realised my understanding of both the markets & specifically Technical Analysis was in fact almost zero. I decided to go with Gary. This has been without doubt the best move I’ve made.
The Training is very professional, on-line exercises are very clear & concise, easy to understand & challenging. Gary gave incredible & almost unlimited time in ensuring I understood my learning without or before progressing to the next stage. There were many Team Viewer sessions to enhance & compliment the on line training. All of this was delivered in an exceptionally professional manner. I look forward to continue this journey with Gary & to further advance my knowledge.

I highly recommend Gary Burton & The Australian School of Technical Analysis for any training needs & all things being financial markets & Technical Analysis. A very enjoyable & extensive learning experience.

Regards Neil Hampson – OAM.